Quantum world : Awaken your mind

The things are interconnected to each other in this transforming world. The trees in nature doesn’t grow fruits to eat themselves, the clouds do not rain to drink water themselves , the sun doesn’t rise to show-off about how much it can shine brighter but for none other than us. The rule of nature is to live for each other. But , isolation has become more popular than collaboration. Selfishness , greed and ego are the aspects that accompany the destruction of oneness , belongingness and brotherhood. Human is killing human for materialistic things which are impermanent and will vanish. 

The reason why world is in chaos is just because people were meant to be loved and things were meant to be used. But its the otherway now , things are being loved and people are being used . People are loyal to their need of something or someone , once their need changes so does their loyalty. To save the world from this devastating cloud , prerequisite is human needs to respect the laws of nature as well as other humans. Man doesnt own nature but nature owns the mankind. Life is limitless and exciting. The way of living is to live with peace , love and joy not by destroying the human values or nature. Lets try to bring about a change in the perspective of people and make them aware of this magnanimous nature and the eternal truth. This planet needs more healers and restorers to have a little heaven right here.
Thankyou !



HUMAN- “The most dangerous animal on planet doing sinful acts”

Our planet is made up by the combined effort of energies, atom and molecule. ‘Life’ was soon found on our planet Earth & let to the emergence of creatures and living beings including plants , animals and HUMAN. Gradually , through evolution drastic changes took place in this world of peace and beauty. After lot of decades, we have reached in 21st century. The polluted air , murder cases , animal hunt , greed and jealousy , female foeticide , child harrasment and child labour etc. Just indicate that what saints predicted that Earth will not be destroyed by any asteroid or a star clashing but humans has written its own end all the way and the end is already here infront of us. The increased crimes un our society has crossed all limits and nothing exists in the name of humanity , honesty and integrity. The culture has collapsed completely and” HUMAN IS NOW THE MOST DANGEROUS ANIMAL ON EARTH PERFORMING SINFUL ACTS”. There was a time period , where humans were known for their ethical values, good moral beliefs and meritious acts but soon it has transformed to sinful acts and the earth has been already martyred by humans . We get to know headlines in newspaper anout sinful acts done by evil people doing harm to society , say it be ” A SMALL GIRLCHILD OF  10 MONTHS WAS BEATEN UP BY THE CARETAKER BADLY ; INNER WOUNDS AND BABY WAS FOUND FAINT”, ” A PERSON KILLED SOMEONE FOR MONEY , GREED , PERSONAL BIASNESS OR FOR REVENGE” and etc. 

Human is killing human for mortal items which will not stay for even half a life. I want to ask we were really born to be a murderer, to attempt a crime to promote voilence in this world of beauty , peace and non- voilence ? If yes , then we should wait for the things to attack us and then realize the truth and act & if no,then this is the time to stand up against any crime , injustice , non- voilence taking place in society and remove the virus of devil from the society , take stand for sinful acts and people need to be punished hard so that no one can ever dare to even think of it again. Promote meritious acts and ethical & moral beliefs all toghether and take them to heart of people. It is duty of each and everyone of us being a responsible citizen.  My message for all of you is the strongest fact about time is that it changes …..its time to change and bring good changes and behave like good human beings. Lets bring an end to sinful acts and people who do wrong not to the humanity.




The Cruel SocietyÔ×░-Pessimist OR Superstitious­čöą

We are living in a world full of knowledge, mystery and profound values. In this diversity, we have found our place either in a state or region….may be in our SOCIETY. But in these passing years ,we have seen many unethical things done by this cruel society , our very new eyes have seen the myths that society works on to kill the innocence of this happy and joyfull mind. Who is responsible for the rape of a girl ? Who is responsible for killing a girl child or in back days trending female foeticide ? Who is responsible for the person lying and crawling in blood on road?.. shouting for help but no one comes….Who is responsible for this the culprit? But let me tell you that in a culprit there is a victim who is even shouting for help…I would say the Cruel society is responsible for this and as part of society we’ve been doing nothing for this sake everyone is responsible for this.The pessimists are responsible for half of hindered progress and other half is filled by superstitious society. No one is ready to take charge for an accident and do a little help ….but when it comes to blame someone or their religion which is again full of myths…they are ready to come and fight for it. Why this Injustice ? We know many great people Gandhiji, he just fought for non-voilence, racism,injustice and many more issues. But , why they are still there at micro and macro level of our nation and worldwide ofcourse. 

Don’t let the same flame of the candle burn you twice. Lets incooperate our dedication towards the progress of society and fight against the injustice and all crimes which are done by our society. We are the future…and will form the society . We can’t let the same unethical values tranfer to the upcoming generations. Its time for a change …a big change. There is still good left in our society and we can spread this good amongst everyone. You know how we can do it ? We have the most powerful weapon in this world “UNITY”. Do not use it to do  harm and get partners in the survival of society but use it to save yourself from the attacks of this cruel society. Wake up !! And , LETS MAKE A CHANGE to break these myths that cause chaos in our life…

Thankyou for your precious time­čĹŹ



The pink flamingo over the subcontinent­čîÄ : Nuclear war between India and pakistan­čöą

The term ” Pink flamingo ” was given by Frank Hoffma which means something that is unpredictable yet the results are destructive and disasterous. It is in contrast with word ” Black swan ” which is even more destructive and results are not predictable ( something which can ruin everything). Pink flamingo is on subcontinent ….

This Nuclear war between India and Pakistan has created a lot of destruction and it can be dangerous if these countries come into war . This fight has been there since 1947 after Independence of India and part of  kashmir being exploited which is in pakistan. Now this fear has turned true and because of terrorists attack on uri  soldiers and after a lot of none sense beared by India , PM modi has decided to finally give it an memorable end by announcing a WAR between India and pakistan . This war can cause lot if destruction to the nature and even to the innocent humans who have done nothing. People are on candle march shouting the slogans ” Pakistan murdabad “. States like Mumbai (Maharashtra), Delhi and recently a terrorist has been seen by school children and mumbai is on high alert. Strict and tight security has been employed on duty. I think we can just hope for the best and may be after this war there can be found peace all over the subcontinent and the nature and humans will be free from these nuclear attacks .
  Thank you



Beauty of nature­čî▒

This enormous world is a beautiful gift of god to us. All beauty lies in our nature. Nature brings peace and contentment into our life to enhance its quality and make the experience of this life profound. The trees which hold our reason for breathing in their fresh and green leaves , the rivers running behold the water essential for living and this unending sky which lets mind to calmn and rest in peace. The waves of ocean almost heal every wound , washes our transient feet and the soul which becomes happy and feels eternal bliss. The rosses pout , the scarlet moth like offering a hug . No diamond of ring …No glory king has ever been so pure. It is was this nature which gave us so much and took care of us at every point of time. Now , big industries , cities , towns and dams constructed all over the beautiful place and the place beholds now no beauty only pollution , dirty water in rivers due to Industries throwing toxics in them and nuclear power plants. 

Animals are killed for using their skin as a show piece , woodlands are cutted to be converted into furniture. No greenery exists only dull & drab places of slum accompanied with greyish sky which shows hopelessness. Our motherearth took weight of so many people from so many ages but what we did for it ? Destroyed it…but still she was quiet…constructed industries still she was quiet ….cut down woods but still she was quiet . Now when hell is completely established on earth..  Tsunami , floods , eartnumbers , tornadoe etc. in increasing numbers are result if sudden awaken anger of her. The destruction can not be done by humans only but by the nature also and that destruction is much bigger than the one done by humans. We continuously challenged power of mother earth and as a result we got all of this causing destruction of those big industries and humans as well suffers. It is the time to wake up….and Save this earth and beauty of nature for our future generations otherwise it will be a memory for them that once the earth looked like this ….Yes it hold the beauty once…but now all has washed away by destructive efforts of human..

Thank you 




ÔÇőThis life is not a brief candle. It is a short splendid torch in my hands for few moments and i want to make it as bright as possible before handing it over to our future generations.

Wisdom is to create life of passion , peace and a purpose. Life is not a race to run like crowd of sheep for no aim and end up regretting for doing nothing. It is a celebration and move on the path of knowledge , truth and wisdom and take others along with you. 

Buddha said “Create your experience theoretical knowledge and reading scriptures is not sufficient go around the world beyond your questions to create your world of experience which is undoubtable and collection of wisdom , knowledge and eternal truth.” Life is beyond birth and death if you can understand this knowledge then you can be enlightened in this lifetime as well for the upcoming ones too…
Thank you for your precious time !!

– Bhumika Saxena